Farewell to our project

We have got to the end of our two year project (which ended up being a three year project due to the health crisis) with a great icing: two extra physical mobilities (finally!), which have taken place over the summer: one in Hungary in July and one in Poland in August. Unfortunately not all countries have been able to send participants for several reasons, but the students who were lucky enough to get together had the chance to learn and enjoy themselves a lot. Here is proof:

Video of the mobility in Hungary ‘Make a change’, from 4-10 July 21.

Video of the Mobility in Poland ’Inclusion in practice’ from 9-12 August 21:

It’s time now to say farewell, sadly. But let’s not forget everything we’ve learnt. Here’s a visual summary of everything we’ve done over the project. It has been kindly prepared by our wonderful Hungarian coordinator, Kati Hevessi. We’ve worked very hard, haven’t we? 😉

Also, here’s two end products we teachers have created:

  • Booklet on Good Practices on Citizenship and Entrepreneurship Education for Social Inclusion in Formal Education, download here.
  • Bank of Resources for Teachers on Social Entrepreneurship Education, download here.

We thank heartily all participating teachers and students which has made this incredible experience possible. We’ll keep in touch and continue with the important work of social inclusion and social change.

Our Twinspace

The Platform Twinspace on Etwinning has been an essential part of our project.

Here we have shared, discussed and reflected on the topics and activities of our project. Now it’s been made public.

You can find a “project log” which is a record of everything we’ve done in the project.

For all materials and description of the work carried out, you can check out the section: Pages.


Dissemination for our online mobility: Taking Action to Change the World

Here’s a leaflet summarising what was our past Erasmus+ Learning and Training Teaching activity, “Taking Action to Change the World”, which took place online on 24-26 March 2021.

This was the last activity in the project “Entrepreneurial Young Citizens in a Modern Europe”. We are very proud of our students’ work.

The activities may have finished, but the Erasmus work continues! See you around.

Booklet: “Erasmus Students Taking Action to Change the World”

We bring you here the Booklet: “Erasmus Students Taking Action to Change the World”.

This document is the result of the activities carried out during the Erasmus+ Learning and Training Teaching activity, “Taking Action to Change the World”, which took place online on 24-26 March 2021.

This activity was part of the Erasmus + project “Entrepreneurial Young Citizens of Modern Europe”.

Students from Poland, Hungary, Croatia and Spain got together online to learn about young entrepreneurial people making a difference in their communities and to share their own experiences.

The last workshop in the programme was called: “Take Action to Change the World”, which was meant to encourage young people to be entrepreneurial and take social action in order to create a positive impact in their communities.

The following pages include their action plans about social issues that include the environment, LGBTI community rights, women’s rights, human rights and animal rights.

We are very proud of our committed and resourceful students.

Summary of our online mobility

Katalin Hevessi, our Hungarian coordinator was kind enough to put together this wonderful video which summarises the hard work we’ve done during our online mobility.

We made the most of our time. It was a pleasure to have you all, even if it was just behind a screen. Thanks a lot for your effort.

Online Mobility: “Taking action through games to change the world”, Erasmus+ Learning and Training Teaching activity, Málaga, 20-25 April 2020. Erasmus + K229 Project: Entrepreneurial Young Citizens in a Modern World.

Check out more pictures and videos here.

Entrepreneurial Young Citizens in a Modern Europe: a farewell to our project (for now)

Dear friends, summertime is here and we are taking a well deserved time off after a very hard academic year. The international health crisis has taken a toll on our project, and we’ve had to cancel our last mobility in Málaga, which was planned for April 2020. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make it in March 2021, as we’ve been granted an extension of time for our project.

However, we’ve managed to keep working online together, to keep in touch and share our concerns with our international partners on our Twinspace. For example, we’ve shared presentations on how online learning was carried out in each country. In addition, we’ve discussed how the pandemic was affecting our lives and done research on how the crisis was affecting social enterprises and NGOs, one of the main topics of our project.

What’s more, we’ve managed to have an online meeting to evaluate the hard work we’ve done over the past two years and share our feelings and impressions on participating in an Erasmus programme. It was great to meet our friends in these difficult times. You can watch it here. Part 1 and part 2.

Finally, here are some videos put together by Kati Hevesi, our Hungarian coordinator, summarising all the work developed during the project, both in-school activities and international mobilities.

In-school activities in Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Spain.

International mobilities:

Thank you, everybody, for your hard work, for your enthusiasm and willingness to cooperate. It was great to work with you. See you in Malaga next year.

Have a great summer.

Disseminating our mobility in Budapest, Erasmus+ 2018/20120

We’ve prepared some dissemination materials about our recent Learning and Teaching Transnational activity in Budapest :”The Visually Impaired and Me” to distribute among our school communities in the partner countries.

Here’s a brochure on our last mobility to Hungary:

And videos: One prepared by Spain and one by Poland.

And here you can download a leaflet prepared by our Hungarian partners summarising all the international mobilities until now.

Dissemination materials for the mobility in Poland

Here you can see the dissemination materials for our LTT event in Chestochowa, Poland.

  • Informative leaflet:
New photo by Laura Moreno Egea / Google Photos


 Pdf version of the leaflet to print.

  • Video with details and activities of the mobility. Click here to watch.
  • Finally, on this website (bieganski.czest.pl/erasmus) you can also check the videos with the final products from the workshops on entrepreneurial skills during our mobility.

Europe Day

One of the activities of our project has been celebrating Europe Day. The activities we carried out included the following:

In-class workshops with Kahoot and Quizziz to learn about the EU institutions and countries, especially the ones we work with. We focused on Hungary, Poland and Croatia, our Erasmus+ partner countries.

Here are the learning materials we created and used:

Moreover, all participating Erasmus+ students from partner countries have engaged in an online debate on Twinspace about different cultural and social aspects of Europe.

Last but not least, we organized a dissemination activity at I.E.S. Pablo Picasso, Spain, during breaktime on that day. There, students had the chance to learn more about France (particularly Reunion Island) and Italy (particularly Sicily) with Séphora and Federica, the European volunteers at this school. They made posters with interesting facts and figures about their countries and brought some traditional food for us to taste. We also learnt about the etymology of the word “Europe” thanks to a poster realized by students from 4th B with the help of our Latin and Greek teacher.

Here you can see pictures from the event. Thank you for participating.

Día de Europa- Europe Day / Google Photos