Spanish Culture workshop

For the ones who couldn’t join our workshop in the evening, here’s what we talked about.


Typical dishes

A walk around a city centre and some bites

A walk around the city centre of Malaga and some culinary stops

Typical Spanish Food

Having some churros

Recipes of some traditional dishes prepared by our students:

Some special dishes for Málaga:

Try out this Kahoot to check how much you know about food! Challenge opened until Thursday at 12 pm.

Game PIN: 09808072



Participants in the mobility

Because it’s very difficult to see each other in a little square on the screen, I suggest sharing our faces in some other way. How about getting a selfie and comparing it with our Picasso portraits from this morning?

Here is where we can upload our portraits to get to know each other better and to have a laugh. Check it out and contribute!

Hecho con Padlet

Some music from our countries

Hi there! Here are some suggestions to discover new music.

First, thee music we’ve been listening to this morning: Chambao, a band from Málaga.

I love the lyrics. The chorus goes like this:

Pokito a poko entendiendo
little by little understanding
que no vale la pena andar por andar
that is not worth to be walking for the sake of it
que es mejor caminar pa ir creciendo
it’s better walking for growing up

And Betti, from Hungary shares these videos of Hungarian artists:

Klaudia sends this:


Michalina suggests this:


1. Referring to our today’s conversation title “Chcemy być sobą” means “we want to be ourselves”

2. “Wataha” means “Wolf pack”. Męskie Granie is a nationwide concert tour initiated by the Żywiec brand (beer producers). The aim of the Meskie Granie project is to present the creative side of the Polish music scene and encourage listeners to musical experiments:
3. “W życiu piękne są tylko chwile” means “It’s moments only that are beautiful in your life”

4. “Kwiat Jabłoni”- “Apple blossom “They are siblings forming a young Polish music band, won the Music Video Award 2018 with this song: And this is their latest song:


Grabijela, from Croatia, shares this Playlist:

Ivona from Croatia has a song recommendation, Croatian singer Albina and her Eurovision song “Tick Tock”.

Students’ presentations

Thank you dear students for making the effort to present your countries and the work you’ve been doing during the project, both locally and on international mobilities!

The Croatian team presenting their local work.

The Croatian team with T-shirt made for our Project EYCME

Here are some of the presentations we enjoyed:

From Croatia:

From Poland:

About using Zoom meetings for our mobility

For those of you who are not very familiar with Zoom, it might be worth while, having a look at these articles.

Remember you should log in tomorrow with your name and your country. The link to access our meeting is in your Inbox, check it out!

Meeting controls on Zoom

How to chat on Zoom

See you tomorrow!