Our mobility in Budapest, 14-19 October 2019

After spending 5 wonderful days in one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world, it’s time to look back at how much we did over there.

Kati and Erika, coordinators in the host school prepared a programme full of activities ranging from chats to meetings and from workshops to hands-on experiences.

On our first day in Budapest, we were welcomed at one of the municipal buildings where weddings are held. We learned a lot about the neighbourhood and how it’s been transformed over the years. Poems about the participating cities were read, and one of our favourite activities took place: dark rooms. We had to learn how to survive as visually impaired or blind citizens.

Blindness was, in fact, one of the many difficulties we had to deal with. Moving on a wheelchair, deafness and other handicaps were also experienced.

Proper entrepreneurial skills were also worked. We created a comic strip for an online magazine and made a guide about helping the blind.

There was also time for some pure fun activities such as folk dancing a city tour and the farewell dinner.

Here’s an album with pictures if you want to find out more!

And here you can find the magazine edited with all materials produced by our students, before, during and after the mobility.

We look forward to meeting all the participants in Málaga very soon.

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