Farewell to our project

We have got to the end of our two year project (which ended up being a three year project due to the health crisis) with a great icing: two extra physical mobilities (finally!), which have taken place over the summer: one in Hungary in July and one in Poland in August. Unfortunately not all countries have been able to send participants for several reasons, but the students who were lucky enough to get together had the chance to learn and enjoy themselves a lot. Here is proof:

Video of the mobility in Hungary ‘Make a change’, from 4-10 July 21.

Video of the Mobility in Poland 鈥橧nclusion in practice’ from 9-12 August 21:

It’s time now to say farewell, sadly. But let’s not forget everything we’ve learnt. Here’s a visual summary of everything we’ve done over the project. It has been kindly prepared by our wonderful Hungarian coordinator, Kati Hevessi. We’ve worked very hard, haven’t we? 馃槈

Also, here’s two end products we teachers have created:

  • Booklet on Good Practices on Citizenship and Entrepreneurship Education for Social Inclusion in Formal Education, download here.
  • Bank of Resources for Teachers on Social Entrepreneurship Education, download here.

We thank heartily all participating teachers and students which has made this incredible experience possible. We’ll keep in touch and continue with the important work of social inclusion and social change.

Extra mobilities

Due to the pandemic, we had to do some changes in our initial planning of LTT activities.

The LTT activity in Spain was turned into an online mobility, but we have been lucky enough to be able to organise two extra mobilities with some of our partners involved.

Here are the programmes for the two extra mobilities that will be organised this summer.

Programme “Make a Change”, Budapest, 4-10 July 2021.

Programme “Social Inclusion in Practice”, Czestochowa, 8-12 August 2021.

Hope you all have fun. We’ll keep you posted!