Entrepreneurial Young Citizens in a Modern Europe: a farewell to our project (for now)

Dear friends, summertime is here and we are taking a well deserved time off after a very hard academic year. The international health crisis has taken a toll on our project, and we’ve had to cancel our last mobility in Málaga, which was planned for April 2020. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make it in March 2021, as we’ve been granted an extension of time for our project.

However, we’ve managed to keep working online together, to keep in touch and share our concerns with our international partners on our Twinspace. For example, we’ve shared presentations on how online learning was carried out in each country. In addition, we’ve discussed how the pandemic was affecting our lives and done research on how the crisis was affecting social enterprises and NGOs, one of the main topics of our project.

What’s more, we’ve managed to have an online meeting to evaluate the hard work we’ve done over the past two years and share our feelings and impressions on participating in an Erasmus programme. It was great to meet our friends in these difficult times. You can watch it here. Part 1 and part 2.

Finally, here are some videos put together by Kati Hevesi, our Hungarian coordinator, summarising all the work developed during the project, both in-school activities and international mobilities.

In-school activities in Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Spain.

International mobilities:

Thank you, everybody, for your hard work, for your enthusiasm and willingness to cooperate. It was great to work with you. See you in Malaga next year.

Have a great summer.

Cancellation of mobility in Spain

Hereby we inform you of the cancellation of the C4 LTT activity “A Social Enterpreneurial Fair”, which was scheduled to be held in Malaga, Spain, at IES Pablo Picasso from 20st to 25th of April 2020, in the framework of the Erasmus+ project Young Entrepreneurial Citizens of Modern Europe, KA229, strategic partnership, with ref. number 2018-1-ES01-KA229-050613_1.

The reason for our cancellation is the exceptional state of affairs in our country, which is currently under “state of alarm”, in a period of lockdown and confinement at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The schools won’t be opened at the time of our mobility, so we believe that cancellation of our mobility is fully justified by the occurrence of “force majeure”, which results from conditions not attributable to the project beneficiaries. 

The decision on a possible postponement of the meeting in Spain will be considered by the partner schools only after the end of the situation of threat to human health and life.

Disseminating our mobility in Budapest, Erasmus+ 2018/20120

We’ve prepared some dissemination materials about our recent Learning and Teaching Transnational activity in Budapest :”The Visually Impaired and Me” to distribute among our school communities in the partner countries.

Here’s a brochure on our last mobility to Hungary:

And videos: One prepared by Spain and one by Poland.

And here you can download a leaflet prepared by our Hungarian partners summarising all the international mobilities until now.

Our mobility in Budapest, 14-19 October 2019

After spending 5 wonderful days in one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world, it’s time to look back at how much we did over there.

Kati and Erika, coordinators in the host school prepared a programme full of activities ranging from chats to meetings and from workshops to hands-on experiences.

On our first day in Budapest, we were welcomed at one of the municipal buildings where weddings are held. We learned a lot about the neighbourhood and how it’s been transformed over the years. Poems about the participating cities were read, and one of our favourite activities took place: dark rooms. We had to learn how to survive as visually impaired or blind citizens.

Blindness was, in fact, one of the many difficulties we had to deal with. Moving on a wheelchair, deafness and other handicaps were also experienced.

Proper entrepreneurial skills were also worked. We created a comic strip for an online magazine and made a guide about helping the blind.

There was also time for some pure fun activities such as folk dancing a city tour and the farewell dinner.

Here’s an album with pictures if you want to find out more!

And here you can find the magazine edited with all materials produced by our students, before, during and after the mobility.

We look forward to meeting all the participants in Málaga very soon.

Dissemination materials for the mobility in Poland

Here you can see the dissemination materials for our LTT event in Chestochowa, Poland.

  • Informative leaflet:
New photo by Laura Moreno Egea / Google Photos


 Pdf version of the leaflet to print.

  • Video with details and activities of the mobility. Click here to watch.
  • Finally, on this website (bieganski.czest.pl/erasmus) you can also check the videos with the final products from the workshops on entrepreneurial skills during our mobility.

Europe Day

One of the activities of our project has been celebrating Europe Day. The activities we carried out included the following:

In-class workshops with Kahoot and Quizziz to learn about the EU institutions and countries, especially the ones we work with. We focused on Hungary, Poland and Croatia, our Erasmus+ partner countries.

Here are the learning materials we created and used:

Moreover, all participating Erasmus+ students from partner countries have engaged in an online debate on Twinspace about different cultural and social aspects of Europe.

Last but not least, we organized a dissemination activity at I.E.S. Pablo Picasso, Spain, during breaktime on that day. There, students had the chance to learn more about France (particularly Reunion Island) and Italy (particularly Sicily) with Séphora and Federica, the European volunteers at this school. They made posters with interesting facts and figures about their countries and brought some traditional food for us to taste. We also learnt about the etymology of the word “Europe” thanks to a poster realized by students from 4th B with the help of our Latin and Greek teacher.

Here you can see pictures from the event. Thank you for participating.

Día de Europa- Europe Day / Google Photos

Photos from our mobility in Poland


We’re back from our mobility in Poland. It’s been an intense and rewarding experience.

We’ve had a great time and we really appreciate the warm welcome we’ve received from our amazing hosts, Polish teachers and students.

It’s been a great opportunity to get to know new people, learn more about Polish culture. We’ve also had the chance to share our work on social entrepreneurs and mini-companies and raise our social awareness working with NGOs in Chestochowa.

As a sample, here’s a short video summarizing some of the activities during the mobility. It’s just a glimpse of how much we’ve worked and how much fun we’ve had!

New video by Laura Moreno Egea / Google Photos

And if you want to see more, check out the album with photos and videos of everything we did.

Erasmus+ Mobility Poland "Local Social Entepreneurs" / Google Photos

Thank you everyone involved. It’s been a real pleasure!

Preparing our next mobility to Poland

These past few weeks we have been very busy getting everything ready for our trip to Poland, where we will exchange our experiences with our European partners. Our next LTT activity in Poland is called “Local Social Entrepreneurs”.

There, we will analyze more in depth how we can develop our entrepreneurial skills. Every country will also share information from their research on local entrepreneurs.

Students from IES Pablo Picasso visiting NAIM association, which works with socially disadvantaged persons

Moreover, we will talk briefly about how the creation of our mini-companies is going.

Meeting of the Erasmus students’ group in IES Pablo Picasso, Malaga

It will be an exciting experience. We will keep you posted.